How To Exfoliate From Head To Toe


Whether you follow a long skincare regime or a short skincare regime, exfoliating scrub are a must to be included in it. Exfoliating scrubs are used for the exfoliation of the skin. As we all are aware that Exfoliation helps to eliminate dead skin cells from the outer layers of the skin. It is necessary for removing dry or dull skin.

exfoliating scrub

It promotes better blood circulation, gives a brightening effect to the skin, and helps in improving your skin’s appearance. We all give a lot of attention to our faces and use different exfoliating scrubs for improved texture and skin glow but usually, we tend to forget other parts of our body.

They also, require exfoliating to shed dead skin. If this dead skin is not shed properly or completely this can start to clogged pores resulting in breakouts, uneven skin, and uneven skin tone. Exfoliation helps the skin to stay neat, healthy and renewed.

Benefits Of Exfoliation

The natural ability of our skin to shed dead skin cells slows down with ageing. To help our skin slough off build-ups of dead skin cells from it we take help from exfoliation. Whether you use  physical or chemical exfoliation into your skin there are many benefits exfoliation offers such as

  • Better blood circulation
  • Promotes cellular turn over of skin which diminishes the appearance of dark marks or unevenness.
  • Gives you radiant and fresh skin
  • Allows moisturizers and serums to be better absorbed

Out of laziness or unawareness, a lot of people only give attention to face exfoliation what you may not know is that it’s not only your face that needs a good sloughing now and then but our scalp, body, and lips need it too!

Our skin becomes dull, dry, flaky, has clogged pores, and ingrowth of hair. Proper exfoliation is very important for not only the face but all parts of the body from head to toe. Though, not all parts of the body can be exfoliated identically. Some areas are more sensitive than others and require a milder exfoliation product and method. 

The whole process of exfoliating your body from head to toe may sound complex, below we have divided it down for you to make little easier. Following a head-to-toe exfoliating routinely you’ll notice that your hair, face, and overall body skin look healthier. 

1- Exfoliating Your Scalp

It is true exfoliating your scalp is as important as the body. Our scalp is likely to accumulate deposits of sebum, dirt, and product residue from the hair. If you are dealing with dry, itchy scalp or dandruff then incorporating exfoliating scrubs for the scalp is extremely beneficial. These build-ups on the scalp begin the problem of hair thinning.

The shampoo needs to clean hair right down to the roots, to ensure this we should incorporate exfoliating of scalp into our routine. The shampoo will do its job best if you have a clearer scalp. Either you choose a DIY scrub for your scalp or buy a product that suits you and can do this job. 

You will find various products that can assist you exfoliate your scalp efficiently. Also, look for shampoos with salicylic acid or urea in them. Always read the instructions first of the scalp exfoliant, but usually, it is used as a shampoo.

2- Exfoliating Your Face

As we all know when we talk about the face, exfoliating is the key to good skin, irrespective of your skin type. If your skin is dry, exfoliation helps to get rid of dead skin and allows deeper penetration of moisturizers and serums. For people with oily skin to combination skin, exfoliating helps to clear the excess oil and dead skin cells which results in clogged pores and acne breakouts. 

Exfoliating brightens your skin by bringing out fresh new cells, giving your face a smooth, soft, and radiant look. There are many exfoliating scrubs available in the market, choose the one according to your skin type and set a routine of using which suits you best.

  • Start by wetting your face
  • Take a small amount of exfoliating scrub  and apply using circular motions for 30-60 seconds
  • Use a gentle hand and pay special attention to your T-zone area
  • Make sure to avoid the eye area as it is very delicate and sensitive
  • Rinse it off with lukewarm water and follow up with hydrating products 

3- Exfoliating Your Lips

If you find your lips dry, flaky, and dark then it’s time your lips also need exfoliation to stay healthy and bring out the natural color of lips. Incorporating exfoliation of lips in your routine is as important as exfoliating your face. You may choose a DIY scrub ( soft brown sugar in coconut oil)or buy any lip exfoliating scrub from the market. A soft toothbrush can be used as a tool. It is very important to be gentle on your lips when you exfoliate and moisturize your lips after exfoliation.

4- Exfoliating Your Hands

The skin of hands is thin and they are always in use, therefore, the hand tends to age fast. To keep your hand soft and beautiful and young, you need to treat your hands in the same manner as you treat your face. Exfoliate your hand a few times a week. You may pamper your hands using any hand-specific exfoliating scrub or simple body exfoliating scrubs in the shower.  Always make sure to moisturize with a rich hand cream afterwards.

5- Exfoliating Your Body

Our body requires exfoliating regularly to have soft and smooth skin. The skin of our body is not as thin as your face therefore we can experiment with different exfoliating scrubs and also go for DIY using our home kitchen. You may use different tools or brushes available that help you out to reach difficult places.

Some areas such as knees and elbows need close attention as they tend to get dry and flaky easily. You may massage body exfoliating scrub onto wet skin and rinse completely or if you want to do intense exfoliation then you may use it on dry skin and rinse off. Remember to hydrate your skin with body moisturizer or oil after exfoliating.

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6- Exfoliating Your Feet

Our feet are the ones taking thrashing every single day. Throughout the day our feet are in constant use like working out, bearing body weight, walking around, and wearing heels. Due to the constant pressure or friction created from rubbing against the ground or footwear, we usually end up developing calluses and dry cracked heels.

Our feet are harder to exfoliate than our body so it is advisable to soak them in warm water ( with salt and foot soak) for 15 min before exfoliation. Depending on the condition and results you achieve, you may exfoliate your feet 3-4 times a week. Different tools and brushes are available specifically for feet scrubbing but as simple as pumice stone can do the job well. Don’t forget to hydrate your feet post exfoliation to keep them smooth and beautiful.

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