How to Determine Your Skin Tone (Read This Before Buying Foundation!)


You ever walked up the cosmetic aisle in search of your next purchase, but you always ask yourself, “How do I determine my skin tone?” The dedication of your skin tone can be a difficult challenge, and it is often difficult to buy the right colours to embellish your complexion.

If you aren’t careful, you can turn into an orange clown or an uncanny porcelain doll with the wrong makeup, concealer, bronzer, or blush. To avoid appearing artificial or ‘caked,’ your makeup has to mix smoothly with your natural skin tone. And, determining your skin tone is crucial for carrying out this task. Here’s a complete guide to finding your skin tone (rightly!) and how to avoid these dreaded disasters of makeup.

What Is Your Skin Tone?

When selecting makeup, it is important to know the skin tone. But how do you know the actually your skin tone is? What are you going to look for? And what do you do if the skin is neutral with coloured spots or red blotches? We’re going to support you along.

Identifying Your Skin Tone

Determine Your Skin Tone – The underlying colour of the skin is the warm, cool, or neutral skin colour that shines through the skin on your face. Even if the face colour changes due to sun exposure or skin issues, like rosacea or acne, the skin’s undertone is still the same.

Only when you know whether your undertone is warm, cool, or neutral will you choose the foundation that would better suit you. The right one gives you a lovely natural look. You may look (too) orange, pink, red, or grey if you use makeup that isn’t appropriate for your skin tone.

It is also important to know which skin tone you have, to choose other makeup items, such as blusher and concealer. Our way of selecting and using the best covering article provides more information on the right concealer for your skin.

10 Ways To Determine Your Skin Tone

1. Check Your Veins:

Check the veins under your skin in natural light. You have a cool skin tone whether your veins appear blue or violet. You have a warm tone of skin when your veins appear green or greenish. Similarly, you definitely have a neutral skin tone if you can’t tell if the veins are green or blue. You would possibly fall into this group with olive colour.

2. Do You Tan or Burn?

Does your skin tan so easily when you’re out in the sun? Will you sunburn a few ever? Examining the reactions of your skin to sunlight will help you assess the colour of your skin. The ones who tan easily have a medium to dark tone of skin, while the ones who burn easily, have a very fair tone of the skin.

3. Do You Blush Easily?

When that happens, you are on the cool side.

4. What Colors Look Good on You?

If you have a cool skin tone, you look good in deep, and vibrant colours like blue, purple, and green emeralds. If you have a warm tone, you will shine in earth’s tones such as red, orange, yellow, and olive green. You have neutral undertones if you can wear both shades. Another test: take a photo in a yellow or orange shirt. You’re warm if this gives you a big glow. You’re fine if it makes you look a little sick. You may be neutral if you look good but not great (like warm).

5. Try The White Test.

Get your face, without makeup, to put up a single sheet of white paper. Do your teeth look awkward or good? You’re warm if you responded “dull.” (You can also use a luminous white towel) You’re cool if you replied “good.” You’re neutral if you can’t say a great deal of difference. A few more hints: you are warm if your skin looks salty or yellowish. Pink or rosy: cool: Greyish? Greyish? You should have an undertone of neutrality.

6. Do You Like Gold or Silver Jewelry?

Silver looks sleek, gold glows in warmth. Can you guess if you prefer two-tone? You can try this by putting on your hand or arm a gold and silver chain. What’s the perfect look?

7. What Color Are Your Eyes?

Typically, the golden brown, the grey, the golden hazel, and the blue eyes are soft. They are cool in colour those with black or deep black, blue in steel, grey in hazel, and blue.

8. Look Behind Your Ears

Ask your friend to look at the skin just behind your ear. If you have yellowish it means warm skin tone. If you have pink or rosy it means cool skin tone. And if they can’t tell, you may have a neutral skin tone.

9. Think Basic

Try your skin with black & white, brown & bronze basic colours. In solid black and white, cool shades look better, while warms prefer whites. Cools like rich browns, and warms like weaker tans.

10. Who Do You Identify With?

Consider popular peoples (celebrities). Near undertones are given to Scarlett Johansson, Anne Hathaway, Lucy Liu, Demi Moore, Courtney Cox, Sandra Bullock, and Jennifer Hudson. Nicole Kidman, Diane Sawyer, and Kim Kardashian have warm undertones, as have Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson, and Kim.

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