The Difference Between Natural And Organic Beauty


Ingredients used in organic beauty products have been grown by using organic farming methods. In this method, they don’t allow the use of synthetics fertilizers, herbicides, and (GM) genetically modified ingredients.

Natural And Organic Beauty

Ingredients like lavender or calendula have been used in organic beauty cosmetics, whereas many cosmetic products require ingredients that don’t go off too quickly, for that they use ingredients that don’t come from nature like emulsifiers that blend from water and oil. This is how you can differentiate products into natural and organic it is.

How To Know If Your Product Is Organic?

The term organic is not related to cosmetics, it’s merely used for food and drinks, which means there is no guarantee for a product that claims to be organic contains standard organic ingredients. Because certification exists whereas you can see the COSMOS or soil association logo, from which you can know that every step of the procedure to make the product has been checked by experts. Getting approval from them means the product has been able to match strict standard which guarantees that ingredients used are organic without any toxins.

How To Know That It’s Natural?

Unregulated industry or natural cosmetic industry is estimated to be much larger as compared to the organic cosmetic industry. Additionally, the terms ‘from nature and nature-inspired are used most commonly which are considered to be natural widely’. Such as some companies say that artificial “natural identical” are made in the lab are natural ingredients.

Cosmos natural certification has been used to identify truly natural products. If the product is natural then the majority of ingredients used are from nature. No endangered plant species and no GM ingredients have been used. Any unnatural ingredient which is used to keep a product fresh or to make it work is used with strict standards and green chemistry principles

The Hype Is About.

About 14% of year’s sale has been increased of organic and natural beauty industry products which are certified cosmetics. Moreover, it’s been the 8th consecutive year of double-digit growth. This means that your beauty evangelists are on top of the way to clarity and transparency. One of the largest organs of a body is the skin, so somehow it does make sense to care about what we apply to it

There are also many forms of beauty; synthetic doesn’t have to be one of them. Give yourself a beauty routine that your skin starts loving. We are sure your body would love Amelie organics’ body mask. As its products are completely organic. You won’t regret investing in it.

The Difference Between Natural And Organic Beauty
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The Difference Between Natural And Organic Beauty
Ingredients used in organic beauty products are grown by using organic farming methods. Learn difference b/w natural and organic beauty products
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