Amelie Organics’ Story | No. 1 Luxury Organic Body Care Brand.

 It all started in London and my vision was to provide body care products of the highest quality and efficacy, a revolutionary formula of Natural Collagen and other precious ingredients, that visibly renew and improve the appearance of your body skin, offering truly remarkable results.     I believed in my vision and I made it happen – the finest body care formula – an innovative blend of organic ingredients, carefully designed by a devoted team of explorers, scientists and body care experts. They discovered a way to break an intact collagen protein down into crystals, small enough to penetrate the skin and plump the surface.     It is well-known that everything we put on our skin, immediately absorbs into our bodies, then we ensured to source the finest organic ingredients the Earth has to offer in order to create the #1 Luxury Organic Body Care Brand.In this way, our products contains only precious organic ingredients, plant-based oils, steam distilled essential oils, premium vitamins and minerals and many certified organic ingredients. All of our formulas are original, no chemicals, parabens or fillers, only created and tested by us, on real people — never on animals and always from scratch. The products are only put on the market once it has been satisfactorily proven at the term of a long research process that a product is both safe and effective.   Amelie Organics is proud to bring you one of the must luxurious natural body care range that you can trust; only the purest form of Collagen and Premium Vitamins, Minerals and Essential Oils; that’s a fact!

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