3 Eco-Friendly Exfoliators For Your Skin Type


For the skincare world, eco-friendly exfoliators are just like dessert. They are essential in everybody’s care. If you are not applying body scrub then you are missing major tears in your showering routine. For the sake of comparison, we would like to say the majority of scrubs have almost the same ingredients but not limited to, coconut oil and brown sugar. Mostly all the eco-friendly exfoliators smell and feel like a generous treat, as well as they take part in of care of our skin.

In fact, all dermatologists recommend eco-friendly exfoliators as they rid the dead skin cells and make your body looks healthier, brighter, and smoother. You have to figure out the best frequency according to your skin type and don’t access then they need. As if you don’t have any issue like acne then use twice a day and for some people, it is recommended to use once a week.

We have listed down the 3 Eco-friendly Exfoliators that you can use in your next shower.

1- Exclusive Body Mask & Exfoliator, Extra Collagen Vitamin C

Exclusive Body Mask & Exfoliator, Extra Collagen Vitamin C

Amelie organics mainly focuses on exclusive body care. They have made their exfoliator with essential oils and the purest form of minerals and vitamins to increase skin longevity. This exfoliator called an Exclusive Body Mask & Exfoliator. This also works for skin ageing and sunspot and to minimize the appearance of cellulite. Moreover, this is also the best exfoliator for stretch marks, acne, and body scars.

2- Olay Exfoliating Face And Body Powder

Olay Exfoliating Face And Body Powder

Olay exfoliating is waterless and more eco-friendly, though the antioxidant-rich pitaya and seeds of cranberry scrub brighten dreary skin. The best of beauty is only activated when you apply with water. Just a dab into your wet palm and rub together to your skin and then slough till your skin gets smooth and shiny.

3- Beneath Mask Detoxifying Body Scrub

body scrub
Beneath Mask Detoxifying Body Scrub

Dead sea salt in this detoxify scrub really gets in there to pull dust out of blocked pores. To make it balance, Alo Vera moisture skin and avocado really soften your skin. This is how your skin doesn’t feel dry or tight after the scrubbing.

Our Recommendation

We would highly recommend Amelie organic‘s exfoliator luxurious natural body care range on which you can blindly trust. As they have used the purest form of premium vitamins, collagen protein crystals. This will make your skin soften, smooth, and more radiant. Moreover, your skin will smell wonderful and this will also affect your mind and body stress-free. If you have some scars or stretch marks then we would strongly recommend Amelie Organics’ Exclusive Body Mask & Exfoliator, as they reduce stretch marks and body scars.

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