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Amelie Organics strong values are built on its Exclusive Body Care Organic products, enriched with Natural Collagen, Essentials Oils and the purest form of Vitamins and Minerals, uniquely designed to increase Skin Cell Longevity, to prevent premature Skin Ageing, sun spot and to reduce the appearance of Cellulite, Acne and Body Scars and Stretch Marks, offering visibly smoother, brighter and firmer results. 

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“Every piece of your body is a burst of beautiful.”

Why not pamper your body with one of the most luxurious Amelie Organics products? Enriched with Natural Collagen, our products are uniquely designed to increase Skin Cell longevity, to prevent premature Skin Ageing, sun spot and to reduce the appearance of Cellulite, Acne, Blackheads, Stretch Marks and Body Scars.

An innovative blend of body care formula with the purest form of Collagen protein Crystals, Minerals, Vitamins and Natural Essential Oils for a smooth, soften and more radiant skin, which not only smells wonderful, but also has a relaxing effect for your mind and body to help you de-stress.


Treat your beautiful body to an exquisite world of Amelie Organics most-wanted products to improve the texture and appearance of your skin and bring one of the finest revitalizing and nourishing spa experience into your home, perfectly designed for a truly unique body care – youthful, silky and glowing skin!

Amelie Organics is proud to bring you one of the must luxurious natural body care range that you can trust; only the purest form of Collagen and Premium Vitamins, Minerals and Essential Oils; That’s a fact!



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